Star Crawler Terrain

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Star Crawler Terrain is a 3D Printed base building system designed to complement popular Sci-Fi table-top games. Table-top games often feature beautifully sculpted miniatures and players spend countless hours meticulously painting their models. At Star Crawler Terrain we believe that having detailed terrain makes an even more immersive experience.

You can download files for Star Crawler Terrain and print them at home on your 3D printer. The files are sculpted and designed to print on FDM printers like the popular Ender 3. . Once the individual parts are printed, they clip together with the industry standard OpenLOCK clipping system.

You will be able to print as many pieces as you like, building sprawling futuristic bases and star ships to explore. When you’re done the rooms can be easily disassembled for simple storage and transport. Building bases is often as much fun as playing the game itself, thanks to the OpenLOCK system.

The Star Crawler Terrain set will be released as an Early Access project, with three free updates for Early Access customers.

Check out a hands on review done by GamingGeek on Youtube:

Star Crawler Terrain is being released as an Early access product. This allows us to get the files into your hands and make iterations and improvements based on your feedback.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing 3 additional packs for free to anyone who purchases the Early Access. We will be posting work in progress along the way, and you can follow the progress on our Facebook page

If you join the group, there will be additional free files shared to members of the group, but you have to join the group to get the files.  

Members of the Facebook group will also get a limited time 25% discount so sign up and save.

Once the Early access period is complete the Star Crawler terrain set will still be available but without the Early access discount.  

This product is released as a NON-COMMERCIAL license. Feel free to print this set and all its components for personal use, your friends or local gaming club. It is prohibited to distribute the files in any form or to sell 3D printed copies of Star Crawler Terrain for profit.

If you are interested in purchasing a COMMERCIAL LICENSE, please contact


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